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This beautiful mint green machine with a contrasting lighter green faceplate and handwheel is the Singer model 185K. The Singer 185K was basically a re-skinned, or cosmetically repackaged electric version of the long-serving model 99K, which re-used the same mechanisms and many of the same parts as the 99K. It was manufactured from 1958 to 1963. It is a 3/4 size machine that utilizes a horizontal hook and 66 type drop-in bobbins with the standard 15x1 needle system. It is a basic straight stitch that offers forward and reverse functions with a built-in bobbin winding mechanism. It has an external .9 amp motor. Singer Manufacturing Co. went to great lengths to color match all of the components, including the wiring and foot pedal. They were manufactured at Singer's Kilbowie plant in Scotland between 1958 and mid-1963. My favorite features of this machine are its superior stitch quality, surprising heft and weight for its compact size, and of course, its playful and lighthearted color scheme.

Restoration Notes: I purchased this machine from a collector who had it lined up for restoration but decided to let it go while downsizing her collection prior to touching it. This machine has undergone a thorough cleaning and dismantling of parts where a deeper cleaning was needed. All metal visible parts have been polished. It was in very good mechanical condition for its age, though cosmetically has suffered some nicks on the paint finish and I decided to leave these as-is. The original wiring and white bobbin tire are in exceptional condition and were cleaned thoroughly. Footpedal and motor were dismantled and reassembled for cleaning. This machine requires a box platform or table to sit horizontally and run appropriately. 

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