SINGER 111W153

Here she is. The original walking foot beast machine. The Singer 111W served as the baseline for all subsequent walking foot models and the head shape continues to be the basis for modern-day walking foot machines from various manufacturers.  I drove to San Louis Obispo to pick up this beauty of a beast that hadn't seen the light of day for over 60 years. She originally started her career as a WWII military machine for making parachutes. She was then sold as surplus in the 1950s to a seamstress who had won the contract to do overflow upholstery production for United Airlines. This was her work machine so she'd kept it after closing up business. Her son had kept it in storage all these years to preserve her memory.


Now in 2021, she's now back in action, fully cleaned with a steel-wrapped timing belt to replace the missing metal cleated cloth belt, newly timed, and ready to sew. I also upgraded the motor to an electronic 1HP servo motor with a reduced 3mm pulley to be able to produce fine and controlled slow stitches for leather production. I painted the grey, plastic housings, and electronic control box a matte black to complement the machine as well as upgraded the belt with PU sticky belt to control torque and prevent slippage in heaver applications.

Restoration Notes: I wanted to get before pictures shared as soon as possible so I'll come back to revisit the notes, update the details of its provenance and share the restoration pics shortly.