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Beatrice Atelier is a full-service custom design and sewing construction studio.
I enjoy taking on all manner of made-to-order creations; from items for interiors, specialty bags and garments, to fabric selection and product and pattern design.
I work collaboratively with you to bring your project ideas to life.

I work solely on vintage industrial and domestic sewing machines that I have lovingly restored and put back into production.  To catch a glimpse of these in action, check out my restoration page for adventures in machinery, parts, and restoration stories.

My recent product designs are available in my
shop. These include my new vintage kitchen line and of course, custom masks. I'm currently working on a garden product line due to launch in Spring 2023.

I also perform machine servicing and restoration of vintage domestic and industrial sewing machines. If you have a family heirloom that you'd like to get working again, let's do it. In addition, I provide you with lessons
 on how to use and maintain your mechanical beauty for future generations. Unlike the planned obsolescence of products manufactured today, these machines were meant to last a lifetime.

Let's create something together. 
Get in touch!
  Do you have an idea you've been wanting to realize?  Maybe it's a fabric you've been hanging on to but don't know what to do with it?
Or, a favorite garment that you can't bear to part with because it's full of memories but worthy of being up-cycled into something new?
If so, let's talk. 
  Grandma's sewing machine can be beautiful and laden with family history and memories. But it can also be a giant anchor if it's sitting dead in the attic collecting dust and rust. 

These marvels of mechanical engineering were meant to be used and not just admired as family history. Let's get your machine up and running and get you sewing.

I specialize in the full mechanical restoration of these vintage beauties and provide you with history, manuals, and sewing guidance to give you the confidence to make your own creations while maintaining your machine in the proper working order to last for generations.
If you have a beauty you'd like to breathe life into, let's get her fixed!
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